Silent Battle

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance - DBSA

A fight meant for the strong.

Art direction, music production, videographer, video editor.

It’s seen as a measure of failure, a weakness. A word so strongly tied to its negative stigma that it’s completely misunderstood, creating a barrier for those who truly struggle with it.


But depression is more than just sadness. It’s an ongoing inner battle, a constant struggle with emotions, a long-lasting inner pain masked by fear of discrimination, rejection, and shame. 


And, as the leading cause of disability around the globe, depression is also a widespread reality for over 300 million people worldwide – that’s 4.4% of our population.


Above all, depression is a disorder to which nobody is immune, but that is not as easily resolved as “snapping out of it.” 


It’s a fight meant for the strong, and it should not be a label for “crazy.”


Let’s change the stigma.

Art Direction: Natalia Serur

Copywriting: Julia Garicochea

Dancer/Interpreter: George Villeta

Music: Julia Garicochea, Natalia Serur & Hit Central Records - Guillo.

Videographer/Video Editor: Natalia Serur